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What is an all-in-one computer? _ KUAI all-in-one computer manufacturer
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What is an all-in-one computer? The all-in-one computer is an integrated internal component, which integrates the traditional split host, monitor, audio and so on into the back of the screen to form an integrated desktop. The internal hardware, such as CPU, memory hard disk and graphics card, works just like a traditional PC. All you need is a power cord, and then connect the mouse button to work normally.

Different manufacturers have different names for all-in-one PCS, such as AllInOne, AIO, or screen PC. Most users prefer the terms "all in one" and "all in one". An All-in-one PC (AIO for short) is a desktop computer that integrates a microprocessor, motherboard, hard disk, screen, speaker, video lens and monitor.

Features and advantages of all-in-one computer:
1. less wiring:
There are no messy lines to connect, just a power cord can complete all the connections, very simple, but also built-in HIGH-DEFINITION camera, coupled with surging sound quality, layered strong built-in sound, is perfect.
2. Small space:
All-in-one computers use about the same space as a laptop, take up less space, as long as a small desk can quickly work, or video entertainment.
3. High integration:
The all-in-one computer is highly integrated, with a host, audio, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, WIFI and so on.
4, fashion appearance:
All in one computer simple, fashion, atmosphere, with the development of technology, its appearance to create more and more fashion, simple, give a person a visual beauty.
Computers have become the indispensable important tool in modern society, in people's work, study, entertainment, life, and many other fields play a very important role, especially in the modern information technology application level of high company enterprise, education institutions, government agencies, all-in-one PC is essential office configuration. With the development of technology, all-in-one computer form also, there are changes in the current touch all-in-one multi-touch technology has become a one-piece computer development opportunity, just a finger touch screen can be very intuitive to want to show the information to the user, especially for the office computers, has experienced from a single thick to thin all-in-one desktop form change of the form, It provides consumers with efficient and convenient experience, and also makes more and more people choose to use all-in-one computers.

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