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Let's take a look at the advantages of touch all-in-one pc
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1. Without the use of mouse and keyboard, just gently tap or swipe the screen with your finger to achieve all the operations of the computer, making the computer easier to use. The biggest innovation of touch computer is that it uses multi-touch technology, which completely changes the way people interact with computers.

2. Capacitive touch screen, sensitive and accurate positioning.

3. Multi-touch, ten fingers in one. Support handwriting function, can touch with fingers, soft pen, support USB interface

4. Touch no drift, automatic correction, can be precise operation.

5. Professional design of large elevation Angle; Touch model special adjustable base, up and down around rotation, so that users can adjust the best Angle of use.

6. High definition, no glass work. Low environmental requirements, high sensitivity. Suitable for all kinds of work environment.

At present, the practical products have been popularized in the field

Banks and other financial institutions (business inquiry, service promotion)

◆ Telecom (business inquiry in business hall, business promotion in experience hall)
Government organs and units (public information release, government affairs disclosure)
Shopping center (shopping guide, merchant and commodity inquiry, advertising promotion)
Flagship store and exclusive store of fashion products (new product promotion)
Reception room or meeting room (company introduction, exhibits display)
◆ Exhibition hall venue Design Company (event venue layout)
Auto 4S shop (Car model display)
◆ Furniture and art store (product display)
◆ Cinema (movie trailers and trailers)
◆ Real estate sales hall, window display of chain real estate agents (display of house type and landscape effect)
◆ Office building and apartment hall (advertising)
◆ Catering industry, retail industry
Teaching (multimedia classroom)

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