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The all-in-one PC is the future of desktop computing
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When it comes to all-in-one computers, perhaps the first brand that pops out of many people's minds is Apple's iMac. This is because Apple has always adopted the product form of all-in-one computers for desktop office computers since it made computers.

In industrial design and performance continue to lead peers, brought about the PC revolution. "Therefore, the all-in-one computer is not a" dispensable "product considered by traditional manufacturers, but a necessary PC product for office and productivity." The all-in-one computer is the direction of the future desktop office.

The recently sold all-in-one computer, the visual sensory immersion and design of the product is no less than the excellent products of an international brand, today I want to introduce to you hanxiang curved all-in-one computer, is such a product. In similar size, Hanxi Q series all-in-one computer provides ultra-thin metal body, micro frame and strong office performance.
Strong office performance -- super fast startup speed

Kuai curved PC is equipped with the 9th generation Core I5-9400 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, and 128GB SOLID-state disk +1TB mechanical hard disk with M.2 high-speed interface. Such a hard disk carrying mode not only ensures product performance, but also provides users with the best storage cost solution. M.2 Hanxiang curved surface all-in-one computer equipped with the boot speed, the boot speed and file loading speed are very fast. The official measure was within 15 seconds.

Curved screens take up to 90% of the screen -- more content for the same amount of space

From the current traditional all-in-one PC manufacturers, are not fully tested to "fashion, elegant, surprisingly he could think of Q series surface all-in-one PC on screen design gives a right answer, 3000 r curvature of the surface with up to 90% of the screen of the screen, not only for office users can provide more content, Still more saved desk space, but the desk space can be fully utilized.

Special custom computer motherboard, heat dissipation quiet ultimate experience

KUAI curved screen all-in-one PC with traditional manufacturers all-in-one machine, using customized computer motherboards, subsequently in recent years, the processor, memory, SSD continuously upgrade, using custom all-in-one PC motherboard he want to surface not only in performance can meet the demand of harsh office, more far stronger than the ordinary all-in-one on mute and heat dissipation. The most important is because the motherboard is integrated design rather than motherboard assembly, in product quality can achieve 98.5% of the mass production pass-through rate.

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