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What are the reasons why the all-in-one computer runs slowly?
Guangdong Kuai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd > News > What are the reasons why the all-in-one computer runs slowly?
1. Too much software is installed and run in the system, occupying a large amount of CPU and memory resources, resulting in the system running slow.

Now the computer often use some one key installation, reinstall the system program, some one key installation of the system pre-installed with a large number of software, in addition in the use of computer in the process of some software installation also attached to the installation of some software.Too much software running on your computer overwhelms you, causing it to get stuck and slow.When using a computer, it is best to check and uninstall some unused software. Also can check, reduce boot from the program, in order to avoid boot running too many programs, slow down the computer speed. There are tools available to reduce self-starter. You can also click "Run" in the Windows Start menu, enter "msconfig", and press Enter to open the Windows system configuration tool and cancel some programs and services that do not need to be started on the machine.

2, software conflict, resulting in the system becomes stuck, slow
The cause of software conflict may be two software in the program design conflict with each other, there may be competition factors, deliberately set obstacles to some software.This causes the system to become jammed or even blue screen when the two software are running together.
In particular, some security software often conflicts with each other, so you can install as few software with the same function as possible.

3, there are Trojan horse and other bad programs in the computer
In the period before antivirus software without free, often can appear computer because of Trojan horse and other reasons caused by the system change card situation.After appearing free kill virus software, this kind of phenomenon reduced a lot of, but still have a few kill virus software to check temporarily the Trojan horse wait for a program to be able to affect a computer to run.
4, the computer configuration can not reach the running environment of the software
The hardware update of computer is relatively fast. With the continuous introduction of new hardware, the early hardware will gradually keep pace with the update speed of software, especially some game software, resulting in the running time change.For example, the standard memory allocation at the time of installation has been from 2G to 4G to 8G and so on, and may be even larger later.

In addition, because of dust, temperature and hardware quality and other reasons, the use of hardware if there are some small failures, sometimes although the computer can run, but also cause card change.

5. Too much disk fragmentation causes the computer to slow down
Disk fragmentation refers to discontinuous files stored in the disk. If the disk fragmentation is excessive, the system will repeatedly search for related files when running programs to read the disk, which reduces the running efficiency and slows down the computer.
Currently, computer hard disk partitions are mostly NTFS, which can reduce the amount of disk fragmentation, and the use of solid-state drives is increasing.The impact of disk fragmentation on computers may not be as obvious as before.
To reduce disk fragmentation, you can use some software tools or the Disk defragmentation tool of Windows to defragment disks.

6, Other reasons

Additional, if disk space is insufficient, especially system disk (it is C disk commonly) the space is insufficient, virtual memory is not big enough, network speed is too slow drag slow Internet program wait for reason also may cause computer to change card, become slow.

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